About Us

We believe that the current media offering to the insurance market is lacking and

doesn’t deliver the experience or access that insurance professionals really want.

Emerg-in is redefining how media will operate in our market.

The pro active, user driven platform for your content.

  • Emerg-in is the first pro-active media title in the market
  • We are mobile friendly, easy to use and encourage interaction
  • Allow users to be the creators of content as well as
    readers of it
  • We build audiences around you, and your content.
    It’s not about us.

Contact the Emerg-in Team

Jon Guy: Managing Director Content

m: +44 (0) 7713 873237

t:    @reinsuranceguy

e:    Gforce@emerg-in.co.uk

Having worked for the majority of the risk and insurance trade media I believe it is time the sector delivered its news and information in the way which reflects the rise in social media and the ability we all have to interact with the content we access. The world is changing, media is changing and the insurance sector is changing with it. Emerg-in.co.uk is the platform that best reflects the way in which content needs to be delivered in the 21st century. We are delivering content that is not only informative but engaging  and most of all in topics that are important to the readers of today.

Harvey Smith: Managing Director Commercial

m:  +44 (0) 7919 276471

t:   @Opinions_Vary

e:   harvey@emerg-in.co.uk

My career has spanned the insurance press, delivering the social media offering for a leading insurance company and working with global brands such as Nike to create their on-line and social media marketing campaigns. The insurance industry has been desperate for change in its media. The age of static content with no opportunity for reader interaction has disappeared from the mainstream media and Emerg-in.co.uk is set to do the same for the insurance and risk industry. We are proactive not static and ensure our commercial partners can see real results not simply a brand on a page.

Rob Crotty: Creative Director

m:   +44 (0) 7952 319561

t:    AlignDesign

e:   rob@emerg-in.co.uk

The ability to be creative is key to everything I have done in my career. However creative you are the old style print media will always limit your ability to surprise and engage with your audience. The arrival of on-line media has removed the shackles and can bring you and the reader far closer. Emerg-in,co.uk allows a level of engagement and interaction not found elsewhere in the risk and insurance media organisations. I look forward to continuing to ensure we create a platform that will make readers keep returning to take part in the debate.